We help people learn how to become more effective leaders -- and followers! If you have an interest in leadership and self development -- for your organization, your team, or yourself -- then contact us for further information about our workshops and consulting services.


 Learn how to overcome obstacles and achieve self improvement goals that are important to you. Learn how to achieve positive, long lasting change in your mindset and behavior -- for the benefit of yourself, your team, and your organization. Coaching to authenticity helps people take control of their own leadership and self development.

 If you are interested in getting more information about leadership and self development -- our workshops, consulting services, or the coaching to authenticity process -- please contact either: 

Connie Harris Ostwald, connie.ostwald@gmail.com, or (303) 882-3113 

Gary Ostwald, gary@garyostwald.com, or  (720) 480-6890 

 When you become a client you will have access to many leadership and self development resources. This client area includes proprietary assessments, surveys, and other strategic tools used during our workshops, consulting engagements, and throughout the coaching to authenticity process.